SI Foodware - Transport Management

Your organisation uses its own transport or external carriers to deliver and pick up ordered goods. This is done for both incoming and outgoing goods, for example to fulfil purchase, sales and transfer orders. You want to provide your carrier with detailed information about the transport order, including the product details and when and where the load should be collected and delivered. And you probably want to post the purchase invoices you receive for these transport orders too.


The transport of goods is a significant cost item. A proper planning, registration of agreements and provision of information to both internal and external carriers is therefore important. With SI Foodware, the entire transport can be scheduled and made transparent.

Faultless planning

It is important to manage all transport from your central business application, so that issues such as successive transport can be planned faultlessly as well. The integral registration of transport by several disciplines is much more efficient and saves time.
Within SI Foodware, the ability to work with the same, up-to-date data within all departments is paramount. Thus, changes in transport are directly implemented in the linked documents, such as purchase orders, sales orders and warehouse planning. If, for instance, the expected delivery time is changed by the transport planner, the new delivery time is directly adjusted in the purchase order and warehouse planning.

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