SI Foodware – Product Specifications

Government and customers are constantly setting increasingly stringent requirements for quality and food safety and the associated registration. This means that the statements producers make concerning which allergens are present in a food product must meet stricter requirement. the legislation also obliges manufacturers to declare which ingredients are used in a product and it offers guidelines for the declaration of nutritional values. Retrieving this information and the concentrations in which the ingredients are present per product is complex and time consuming. When a change is made to a certain raw material or recipe, this means that all product specifications of products in which this raw material is processed, should be re-calculated.

Automatic calculation PRODUCT SPECIFICATIONS

SI Foodware – product specifications is able to calculate the product specifications based on the information provided by raw materials, intermediate products and packaging materials. Each raw material is examined individually and in SI Foodware – Product Specifications you specify the information about the ingredients, nutritional values, microbiology, diet information, allergens, additives, organoleptic characteristics, vitamins and minerals, logistics data and trace data. If applicable, also the data on the percentage of meat and connective tissue can be recorded.


Because you yourself no longer need to perform calculations of nutritional values, ingredients and allergens, you save a considerable amount of time. Also, you have direct access to information on allergens and ingredients, both for internal reports and labels, consumer packaging and product information for customers. In the long term, you will retain your customers as you are clearly able to meet all requirements for product specifications.

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