SI Foodware - Operations Control

The use of SI Foodware - Operations Control in your warehouse or production department brings great advantages. The large buttons and simple user interface make the screens extremely suitable for touch screens, thereby making it easier for staff to carry out certain activities quickly. This not only means greater efficiency; other departments also benefit from the integrated solution.

SI Foodware - Operations Control enables you to manage the available inventory in real time. After selecting an item, the ‘Inventory screen’ will give you direct insight into the inventory on hand. Filters can then be enabled to refine the selection, such as per location, bin code or inspection status. After selecting the required filters, SI Foodware calculates whether the item is in stock. Unique calculation rules can be created for every combination of location, zone, bin code, expiration date, lot number, and container number. 

As well as providing insight into the inventory on hand, Operations Control provides an overview of the production orders, including the material requirements. After opening the overview screen, you can view production orders for different days via the integrated calendar. For every production order, you will have direct access to the operations plan and associated worksheets (such as production worksheets, process worksheets and quality worksheets). In addition, Operations Control enables you to register the output, consumption, and capacity of production orders.

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