SI Foodware - Non-Conformances

Sometimes, your organisation has to deal with complaints. Complaints can be received from customers, but you may also have complaints towards suppliers or internal non-conformances to deal with. Not dealing with non-conformances properly may have serious consequences for your company. A complaint may even mean that you have to recall certain products from the market. It is essential to use established procedures to deal with non-conformances.

With SI Foodware - Non-Conformances all issues are followed up in a consistent and structured way. In the case of customer non-conformance, this is very important for customer retention and customer satisfaction. If a complaint is related to a supplier, then financial consequences are of concern for your organisation. Transparency is created for all employees involved as the non-conformance module is integrated with CRM, Financial Management and Quality. This makes the process more efficient and decreases the chance of mistakes being made. 

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