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As supplier to retailers you almost certainly have to fulfil the requirement of sending and receiving messages via EDI. This communication with your customers has to take place according to the EDI standard GS1. In general, EDI is an absolute must for companies with customers which buy large quantities of products.

Advantages EDI

  • The flow of paper documents and telephone contacts are replaced by electronic documents.
  • The amount of work is reduced considerably and the chance of making errors is reduced to a minimum.
  • Another important argument for EDI is that the organisation becomes quieter as messages are exchanged in a standardised electronic format with customers and suppliers.
  • The telephones and fax machines don’t ring all day and there are no orders to be entered into the ERP system from paper documents. Instead, operations proceed smoothly.

EDI message according to the GS1 Standard:

The messages in the SI Foodware - EDI solution are conform the GS1 standard adopted by the food industry. SI Foodware supports the following EDI messages:

  • Receive sales orders: ORDERS
  • Return a receipt confirmation: APERAK
  • Send a shipment message: DESADV (including SSCC data) 
  • Send sales invoice and credit memo: INVOI


Besides the ability to process EDI messages, SI Foodware - EDI also performs a number of checks that can be displayed in an error report. For example, ordered items can be checked whether or not they belong to the range of the customer. Or are the customer and the delivery address correct? Another check could be if the received message and the send message match the customer’s request.

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