SI Foodware – Container Management

Your warehouse probably houses many different types of containers and product packaging. You are not just interested in knowing which containers are present in your warehouse, you also want to know which items and lot numbers are in the containers and exactly where they are at any point in time. To keep good track of this and all the logistics transactions involved you need SI Foodware – Container Management.

You can work more efficiently as the unique container number carries all the relevant data in transactions. Combined with scanning this is even easier for your warehouse staff to use and the chance of making mistakes becomes even smaller. All actions performed with the container number will be registered. The history will also display which employee has carried out which action and at which specific date and time. This guarantees traceability. Container registration is simple, making it easier to manage the inventory management system and keep it up-to-date. And you can see the correct inventory available at any time. 

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