Planning production orders is a complicated activity for many companies. Depending on the shelf life of the products, production orders can be registered in Microsoft Dynamics NAV for shorter or longer periods. In this process, for example, it’s very important that all the required semi-finished products have been manufactured before production for the finished product can commence. It is also possible that extra products need to be manufactured, which may cause ‘bottlenecks’ in the production plan. In that case, you want to be able to reschedule orders quickly and easily to another point in time or to another production line, but also if the production quantities have to be adjusted.


Preactor International 11 7 2011 13 46Preactor is an application that runs independent of Dynamics NAV and SI Foodware, but in direct connection to the database. Preactor reads production orders and displays them graphically. The rich interface gives you an overview of all planned and released production orders. You also have the ability to plan over several processing sites, departments and department groups within your company. The solution supports both one-day views and week views.

Insight in the production plan

The rich interface provides you with an overview of all planned and released production orders. You also have the option to plan across multiple Machine Centers, Work Centers, and Work Center Groups within your company. The solution supports a display per day as well as per week. When you select a production order in Preactor, you see all the necessary information about this order straight away.  

Changes to the production plan

The added value of insight into the production plan is greater when you can modify and optimise the plan. Preactor offers this option using drag & drop functionality. You simply select a production order and drag this to another time or a different day. It is also possible to move a production order to a similar Machine Center, enabling you to deal quickly and effectively with any bottlenecks. 

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