SI Foodware - Advanced Production Planning

Good production plan is of vital importance for calculating correct lead times in your production department and for a good match between supply and demand. Generating a comprehensive plan taking all these factors, such as machine capacity, labour and availability of critical materials into  account is a complex matter and these days is an important issue for companies in the food and beverage sector.  

Forecasts, Workload and Critical Capacities

SI Foodware - Advanced Production Planning contains the functionality to generate a budget based on the sales history. In addition there is an option to make changes to the sales budget manually, for example to cope with promotions. Using the production forecast, the system can now calculate the workload and the critical materials needed for the production process. By generating simulated production orders, the workload can also be simulated. Within SI Foodware the ‘Workload screen’ provides clear insight into the workload of the various production lines, Work Centers, and Machine Centers.

MPS & MRP and Planning Critical Materials

When the Master Production Schedule (MPS) and Material Requirements Planning (MRP) batch processes are run, the solution automatically takes account of the product expiry date in regard to the delivery date of the sales order (direct), but also for the derived demand for raw materials and semi-finished products. Besides creating insight into the workload per Work Center and Machine Center, the simulation will also provide insight into the plans for critical materials. The screen ‘Critical Planning Materials’ contains an overview of the demand for critical materials.

Order allocation 

Advanced Production Planning works with a long-term production plan. The longer the planning period, the more rigid the plan is. This means that there is a greater chance that sales orders are received which cannot be included in the plan. Within SI Foodware this problem is neutralised in the ‘Order Commitment’. This screen shows the list of items where you can enable various filters. For example, you can filter on Outstanding Orders. The system will then only display the items for which there is a sales order, but no production order. 

Factory Planning

The Factory Plan provides a complete picture of all ongoing production orders. You can use filters to select on a particular location or a specific date. This will not only provide you with a simple overview of the plan, you can also easily make immediate changes to it. 

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