icon-kwaliteit.pngAs a food company, you have to deal with tight schedules and deadlines, because you are working with fresh ingredients and strict legal requirements (e.g. General Food Law and HACCP) which you must obey. In order to work fast, accurate and efficient, all quality-related matters need to be integrated in a solid ERP system. Microsoft Dynamics combined with SI Foodware tackles all these issues. SI Foodware is a Microsoft-certified food specific add-on for Microsoft Dynamics NAV and AX.

Product specifications

The ERP system features the most advanced Product Specification registration available. Specifications of the raw materials only need to be entered once and SI Foodware will automatically calculate the product specifications. This prevents errors to happen and saves a lot of work. Associated labels, including allergens and ingredient declarations are automatically generated for your packaging.

Tracking & Tracing

By using the SI Foodware - Non Conformances module, all messages are directly passed to the right person, so necessary actions can be taken immediately. In the event of a recall, all remaining batches of the product are automatically blocked and the Track & Trace procedure is initiated. SI Foodware allows you to trace both forwards and backwards, so you can alert customers and suppliers. In this way issues can be explained and resolved fast.

Inventory Availability based on Quality

Full control over you inventory is crucial in the food industry, in particular control over the quality of your items. SI Foodware - Inspection Status enables you to assign specific, quality-related, statuses to your inventory. By doing so, you will know for sure that only the items with the required Inspections Status are shipped to your customers. 

Quality Control

In addition to tools to manage your inventory from a quality point of view, SI Foodware also has the possibility to register Quality Checks through its module SI Foodware - Quality Control. This module enables you to enforce quality checks throughout your business processes and provides you with the information to substantiate the quality of incoming and outgoing products. 

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