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icon-business-intelligence.pngMost Food & Beverage companies produce and store large amounts of information. There is an ever increasing administrative load, mostly in conjunction with food safety regulations. How can you get the exact information you need from all that data quickly, and how can you actually use this information? SI Foodware, the leading Microsoft Dynamics ERP add-on for the global Food & Beverage Industry is connected to a Business Intelligence application called Food Management Dashboard. This application is based on BI4Dynamics and makes it possible to access your Food Management Dashboard on PC, laptop, tablet or smartphone. 

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Gain data easily from your ERP

The Food Management Dashboard has the ability to extract data in a structured manner from Microsoft Dynamics NAV and AX. The application has been fully realized within Microsoft SQL. It provides a tool for configuring a data warehouse, which customers are enabled to analyze data in a consistent way, consolidate and report.


A BI application without relevant KPIs and reports is useless. Schouw Informatisering has used her knowledge of ERP implementations with 135 food companies, the develop the relevant KPIs for the Food Management Dashboard. The application is therefore fully focused on business of food companies, both trade and production.

By using the Food Management Dashboard, food producing companies for examples get an easier understanding of relevant KPIs, such as efficiency and effectiveness of their production. The actual production output and raw material consumption is then compared with the planning and set standards. The efficiency of the production department can, with the help of the Food Management Dashboard, be split in machine and production capacity. There are many examples of the synergy between food-specific knowledge of Schouw Informatisering and the practical possibilities of the Food Management Dashboard.

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