SI Foodware for AX

The Microsoft Dynamics AX add-on for the food industry that contains essential food functionality is SI Foodware for AX. This solution provides functionality, such as:

  • Product Specifications: The product specifications for ingredients, nutritional values and are now automatically calculated by the software gaining a significant amount of time.
  • EDI: You are able to meet the communication requirements of your customers. The EDI module provides the EDI messages for the most important food retailers.
  • Returnable Packaging:  This functionality offers the ability to keep track of all the incoming and outgoing packaging as the costs involved in packaging often are a significant part of the invoice amount.
  • Customer Listing: A quick and simple way of order entry is offered to the sales department with predefined listing of products in the sales order.
  • Call List: Call and shipments days can be defined per customer. Based on these call days, call lists for certain days, customers and times are created.
  • Expiration Date Check: When receiving goods, the system checks the expiration date to prevent receiving goods that have shorter expiration date then agreed upon. The system also checks that no lots with a shorter shelf life are sent then lots sent on an earlier date to the same customer.
  • Combining of Shipments: Customers have different requirements concerning the frequency of receiving sales invoices and have specific requirements concerning invoice layouts. With SI Foodware companies have the possibility to invoice per order account, and per period.
  • Commodity Trade: Record and process all commodity contracts with your suppliers and customers. Commodity Trade offers the possibility to register products and services in different ways, according to the commodities which are to be offered according to the specific contract.

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