icon-kwaliteit.pngAs a food company, you are obliged to work with tight planning and deadlines, due to the fact that you are working with fresh ingredients that are subject to strict legislations (for example the General Food Law, HACCP, BRC and packaging declarations). In order to work fast, efficient and accurate, all quality related topics have to be supported with a solid ERP system.

Microsoft Dynamics AX combined with SI Foodware AX provides an integrated approach to all these issues. SI Foodware AX is an add-on for Dynamics AX, developed by Schouw Informatisering, in order to support the food specific problems.

Microsoft Dynamics AX Standard Functionality:

  • Quality Control: these are applicable to all logistic activities such as the receipt from a supplier, or from manufacturing, or from an outgoing pick order. The functionality can also be set up to block certain items. With this setup, one can only continue to work once a quality check has been carried out and the product has been approved. In addition, the solution allows you to define what has to be checked. Also, the results of these checks can be assigned to the batch they were carried out
  • Quality Status: the solution allows you to assign user defined quality statuses to specific batches to prevent these batches from being processed into production or shipped out to a customer. 
  • Batch characteristics: besides an expiration date and a best before date, you can also assign other characteristics to batches. For example fat and moisture rates. It is possible to have these batches copied to a product in which the batch has been processed.
  • Tracking and tracing: in case you get a complaint, the solution allows you to show all products and processes related to that complaint by pressing a single button. This gives you an immediate overview of the lots of the various raw materials and semi products that have been processed into the finished product. In case something is wrong with a specific lot, you have the power to track all the movements of this lot through lot tracing and lot navigation, empowering you to take additional actions if necessary.
  • Complaints Registration: register and analyse the internal complaints as well as those from customers and to vendors and monitor the actions that have to be taken.

Complemented with SI Foodware AX functionality:

  • Product specifications: calculate product specifications based on recipes and register those. Display information related to allergens and ingredients, both for internal reporting, labels, consumer packages and product information of customers.

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