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icon-productie.pngTo be able to produce effectively and maximize profits you need a solid ERP system to support your production. It is vital to optimize your production processes and immediately react when circumstances change. Also production changeover times and moments should be minimized. This way, you will be able to serve your customers in the best possible way.

The combination Microsoft Dynamics AX and SI Foodware AX automates your processes and provides insight into all operational aspects, from processing orders to production, warehousing and delivery. You can manage the current order status, pick lists, warehouse and inventory lists, as well as sales and profit margins, among many other KPIs. This allows you to increase the reliability of promised orders and respond to customer inquiries about order status and expected delivery date.


  • Multiple production sites/plants in one database: plan, view and adjust you multi-site production from one central place.
  • Different Manufacturing Models: choose Discrete, Process or Lean Manufacturing.
  • Shop floor control: registration of your production tasks in the workplace.
  • Schedule: you can specify different planning proposals, by having the system calculate and generate warning messages for the current schedule. Production orders can be changed easily by using a planning tool with a graphical interface.
  • Potency Management: the strength of an ingredient can determine how much you need during production of a particular commodity. Microsoft Dynamics AX is able to take this into account. When building the production recipe, the system proposes the batches that have to be selected and what other items may be added to the recipe to balance.
  • Divergent parts lists: for the process industry, it is necessary that a recipe is not only registered as a discrete parts list, but also provides the possibility to work with co-products, by-products and material requirements, captured in percentages.
  • Assembly: for basic production operations, including repackaging or labelling.


  • Operations Control: Perform changes on the shop floor directly in the administration by using a "big button interface" which is suitable for touch screens and mobile devices such as tablets and smartphones. This gives you total control of the available stock and creates a clear overview of the released orders in production. Finally, this solution allows you to post output and consumption of your production orders easily.
  • Hardware connections: Connect your hardware, such as labelling machines, scales and palletizers.
  • RF scanning and SSCC labels: Register Consumption of raw materials and output semi products, finished products and co-products.

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  • Simplify production floor management

  • Accelerate product introductions

  • Flexibility with delivery alternatives

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