Uniekaas LogoUniekaas is a specialist in cutting and packaging cheese. This dairy company has succesfully deployed Microsoft Dynamics® NAV and the standard food add-on, SI Foodware®. The project’s primary objective was to replace the variety of systems now in use with a single integrated system. By integrating all departments and systems the efficiency and in particular the quality of the management information was greatly improved.


 The cheese is manufactured in two specialised factories in the Netherlands. Each hour the packaging plant can process 50,000 units of cheese which are destined for tens of thousands of cheese lovers each day. The implementation of Dynamics NAV and SI Foodware involved a total of 90 users and covered the complete scope of business processes. The system completely replaced the bespoke applications that UnieKaas had developed in the past for financials and warehouse management.


Cheese manufacturing has it own specific process, known as maturing. UnieKaas purchases young cheeses and places them in the cheese warehouse to mature or ripen. During the ripening process the cheeses have to be turned periodically and at UnieKaas this is fully automated. In the new situation, the processing instructions for the cheese are generated by Dynamics NAV and sent to the robot controller through an interface. Because the cheese looses weight while maturing and at the same its costprice increases, a periodic revaluation is also carried out automatically. When the cheese is issued from the warehouse it is weighed and the actual drying out is compared to the standard. Based on this information the efficiency of the maturing process can be ascertained and adjusted if necessary. All the information gathered during this process is stored in the cheese maturing module, which has been developed by Schouw Informatisering and is fully integrated in Dynamics NAV.


At UnieKaas when the cheese has been issued from the warehouse it is cut into pieces or slices. The rind has to be removed before a cheese can be sliced. When it has been cut, the cheese is packaged immediately and stored as labelled or unlabelled semi-finished products. Unlabelled semi-finished products are labelled with UnieKaas or private labels based on customer orders. The cheese is picked semi-automatically by means of a ’Pick-to-light’ (PTL) system. In this PTL system a lamp is switched on at the shelf where the items have to be picked. The picker sees the number of items to be picked on his display and confirms this. NAV is  interfaced to this PTL system so that all relevant administrative data can be updated immediately in NAV. The other warehouse processes are managed using Radio Frequency (RF). The software for the RF terminals is also be supplied by Schouw Informatisering.



UnieKaas, a leading player in the Dutch cheese market, has 200 employees in the Netherlands who work at two sites. It is an independent, private company with a well developed marketing strategy. With its knowledge and experience built up over many years UnieKaas markets well-known leading brands of cheese and regularly launches new and original products. The UnieKaas products are successful at home and abroad, and it manages the entire logistics process itself. The success of UnieKaas is mainly due to its specific marketing campaigns in local markets. You can find more information about UnieKaas and Schouw Informatisering by visiting www.uniekaas.nl.