Total Produce

Total ProduceWelcome at Total Produce in the Rotterdam Fruitport. As an importing company, Total Produce delivers roughly 12.000 different types of fruits and vegetables to retail organisations, service providers, wholesalers and exporters. Margins here are very small so volumes need to be really high in order to be profitable. Therefore, having access to the right financial figures is crucial. Total Produce succeeds in this mission thanks to SI Foodware.

CFO Martijn van der Velde: "We make use of Microsoft Dynamics NAV and SI Foodware, implemented by Schouw. This includes the Consignment Management, which is the heart of the administration for our company. That is the place where all orders arrive and it allows us to follow the consignments on a very detailed level. Both for logistics as well as financial details."

Container administration for each consignment

Containers with melons, pineapples, apples, pears, grapes and a large range of citrus fruits are sent to Rotterdam by boat from all over the world. Within SI Foodware, each boat is registered as a shipment. Within this shipment, there’s an overview of the consignments that are present on the boat. The packing list for the consignments is automatically imported upon departure. For each consignment, the related containers are being registered in the Container Administration. 

managing 12.000 unique items in one system

John Triel, IT-manager: "Yes, we have a very good overview of the Consignments we receive. This information is used for our planning and for sales. All consignments are therefore made-up of different item characteristics. We have about nine of these. Think of size, country of origin, product group, type, variety and some other ones. All those characteristics together build our product range that consists of 12.000 items. Quite a lot. And that’s one of the reasons that we choose Microsoft Dynamics NAV together with SI Foodware. This system can really handle those quantities.

automatically assign sea freight and transport costs to related consignments

Upon arrival of the ships, the containers are directly transferred to barges. These containers are transported to Total Produce’s refrigerated warehouses over the water. As a result, Total Produce is, on an annual base, able to transport thousands of containers less per truck. SI Foodware automatically assigns the sea freight and transport costs to the related consignments.

At receipt of the products, Total Produce has the possibility to select a container number. Based on the container layout, an automatic overview is generated that shows the expected products and quantities for the selected container.

planning outgoing flow of goods

For the outgoing flow of goods, transport is again planned through SI Foodware and the related costs are again automatically processed into the sales price of the consignments. Upon shipment, the related sales order is retrieved from SI Foodware and the necessary Pick-orders are generated. 

Martijn van der Velde: "Depending on the customer settings and, in the end, the choice of the sales person, the sales order is created, either franco or non-franco." John triel adds: "Yes, and in the end that means that, i f an order is franco, the expedition department will see the order in the system as some kind of work order and will know they have to execute it." 

After completing this work order and departure of the truck, the shipment is posted, making the expedition final. In this way, Total Produce is distributing thousands of pallets with fruit through the whole of Europe.