Technipat -si -foodwareTechnipat develops and manufactures IFP (Intermediate Food Products) from biscuit products, entering the production of sweet and salted foods for food manufacturers. As part of the establishment of a new plant and to continue and accelerate its development, Technipat decided to implement an effective ERP. The main objectives for Technipat were to simplify production planning, to optimize traceability and facilitate the development of new products by controlling costs and selling prices.

Today, thanks to SI Foodware implemented by Isatech, Technipat has an accurate control of its production and optimizes the traceability of its raw materials.

"We had a very old internally developed computer system that was no longer sufficient to support our development. We therefore had to migrate to a new system. It was a real great step forward!" 
Baurain Thomas, CEO of Technipat

To continue to grow and maintain a strong technical advantage, Technipat, the specialist IFP biscuit maker (Intermediate Food Products) for food manufacturers replaced its old "homemade" computer system, by the expandable SI Foodware ERP proposed by Isatech.

Project: issues and objectives

Technipat, a real industrial partner in the design and development of innovative IFP's innovates and allows itself to be fully able to continue and accelerate its development by building a new plant and changing its information system.

Technipat objectives were to:
• optimize traceability,
• facilitate the development of products and determining costs and selling prices,
• improve information searches,
• simplify production planning...

Thanks to SI Foodware, Technipat...

Optimized the traceability of raw materials
The raw materials are received and identified by lot number in SI Foodware. "...This is a guarantee. If our egg supplier were to declare an incident regarding a lot, we have at our disposal, in real time, the destination of all products manufactured with this lot and the corresponding customers, which allows a rapid crisis management ..."

Provides a simple and accurate reading of its production
Manufacturing data is accessed quickly and comprehensively. "... For example, it is easy to find all the articles produced over a year ago and see what happened, how much time was required and what we consumed."

Automates quality management in its processes
SI Foodware can meet the quality requirements imposed by customers and are involved in obtaining certifications (IFS, BRC....)."... SI Foodware allows us to manage the traceability of finished products and render products available or not depending on quality control."

Improves the search time for data requested
The information is accessible quickly and effortlessly thanks to a search and filtering system for any data, which guarantees saving time. "... Before, to find an article, you had to know the code. Today it is no longer the case and it promotes exchanges."

Sharing information between departments
The uniqueness of the information and its easy accessing increases the independence and productivity of each collaborator. From commercial to financial services, everyone shares the same information.