Successful implementation at Sola de Antequera

Sola De AntequeraSola de Antequera is a family owned company located in Andalucía and dedicated to canned vegetables. Sola de Antequera distribute its products through major Spanish distribution chains and abroad. They are on the market with their own brand Alsur and as well as several private label products. After using the same system for 25 years, Sola de Antequera faced the challenge to modernize their IT environment. 

Commercial Director Teresa Jiménez Lara: "The moment that we needed to make a decision to reamke the whole system, or to start from scratch with a new one. And that's whey we decided to search for an ERP system."

connection between production and quality

Modern ERP solutions combine all business processes into one single software solution, including inventory and production management, as well business administration and logistics. For example, the ERP-system will automatically make the connection between the production department, the necessary quality requirements as well as specific requests from your customers.

A standard solution that fits food needs

Teresa Jiménez Lara: "We evaluated 3 different solutions with their respective cost of implementation and the content offered by the solution and it was Navision and SI Foodware that offered us the management of all the areas of the company. Other solutions evaluated left out, for example, quality control, which is very important for us.Finally, what we were looking for in an ERP system was to have everything integrated in one system and not to work with different systems for each department, as we had before."

Comparing their implementation with projects of other ERP vendors, the implementation in Sola de Antequera went quite well. One of the key elements of the project, was the involvement of all the departments within the company, resulting in a high and positive commitment from the staff to make this a successful project.

business optimization thanks to si foodware

Teresa Jiménez Lara: "Thanks to SI Foodware, we have succeeded especially in controlling the traceability better than ever as we can follow each step that we have done even in production part as well as sales and distribution. All non-conformances in quality control and all documents required by the quality management system, can also be collected. And finally, it allow us to have a List of components for the products we have to manufacture. With all these improvements," Sola de Antequera is ready for the future and can continue to grow and deliver their products to more customers around the world.