Optimum just-in-time follow-up thanks to Microsoft Dynamics NAV and SI Foodware

Rabbit -and -si -foodware -microsoft -NAVRabbit produces ready-meals with fresh ingredients under private label or the Rabbit trademark. With a focus on fresh main meal salads, fresh vegetables are key. Fresh vegetables are purchased and prepared on a daily basis. This is the starting point for adding value.

Rabbit started searching, not for a supplier, but for a partner. A partner to guide them in the automation of the integrated business processes that should ultimately lead to process optimisation, keep stock levels as low as possible, provide competitive advantages in quality control and follow-up, reduce waste and make the business administration as efficient as possible. They found this partner in iFacto, who together with Rabbit rolled-out the total solution Microsoft Dynamics NAV SI Foodware.

Just-in-time Daily Fresh

Because of the daily fresh production and high throughput speeds, Rabbit needs highly efficient purchasing, inventory and production policies. Based on generated sales forecasts, which are continually actualised whenever the daily orders are received, the just-in-time purchasing is made definite and the production planning is optimised.

In view of the extremely short throughput times, and the need to constantly update the production volumes, it is essential to know the stock levels of each and every raw material, packaging, semi-finished and finished product at any moment, including the associated internal and/or external shelf life, batch number, status (available, blocked, quality control,...).

Work floor applications

In order to give shape to the aforementioned requirements, the entire process was scrutinised during the analysis phase and translated into a solution that could be implemented in a user-friendly way on the work floor. As such, every work station in the production room is fitted with a touch screen that shows the products to be produced and the additional orders, but into which usage and the produced products are also entered. Thanks to a balance link and the introduction of RF-ID-tags to storage bins, this data entry takes place almost automatically.

All warehouse activities are carried out using RF scanning, whereby the warehouse employee works through the instructions on the scanner.

Quality control

With MS Dynamics NAV SI Foodware, Rabbit conforms to all external requirements imposed by legislation and clients.  The quality module includes not only the complaints procedure and the product specifications, but also the various quality registrations are part of the implementation. The CCPs from the HACCP plan are also monitored on the work floor with registration in the ERP system.


The EDI solution from MS Dynamics NAV SI Foodware, together with the integration of the RF tunnel scanner and the SSCC module, make it possible for Rabbit to compile the DESADV notes for the retailers right up to crate level. Not only the shipping information, but also the ordering and invoicing is recorded via these electronic orders.