La Biscuiterie de l'Abbaye

Biscuiterie -de -labbayeBiscuiterie de l'Abbaye is a family company, founded in a baker's, and situated in Lonlay l'Abbaye, in the heart of the Normandy countryside. In order to streamline their business processes this bakery choose SI Foodware. Isatech supported Biscuiterie de l'Abbaye with the implementation of the SI Foodware integrated management software package. One goal was to improve cost management. SI Foodware, allowed Biscuiterie de l'Abbaye to benefit from many innovations such as:

Obtaining Reliable Data
Data from different departments within the company are recorded in a single database from SI Foodware. Different "static" excel tables disappeared to make way for a "Dynamic" data base that is updated in real time. Data reliability is ensured. Features such as input control help allow gaining time and significantly reduce data entry errors. Now, there is no longer any redundant information. Data is entered only once and it can be shared by different departments.

Stocking appropriate inventories
Inventory Management of raw materials, packaging of finished products are now optimized and reliable. Production forecasts that are available with SI Foodware allow you to have a clear vision of requirements and to carry out minimal purchases that are necessary, quality purchases and on time purchases. The inventory control resulted in improved cash flow.

Control the upstream and downstream traceability of its products
Labeling raw materials upon reception and managing lot numbers of end products helps to ensure a complete traceability over the entire production chain from procurement up to shipping the goods. SI Foodware allows you to simply respond to GMS requirements regarding contract dates.

Guarantee its fixed costs
The entire production data (range production data, nomenclature, position and charging center ...) is possible with SI Foodware. It is possible to associate costs (Machine, labor, overhead ...). Cross referenced with the purchase costs allows determining fixed costs which is essential in order to provide a fair price for the client. Costs are updated automatically based on purchase and production costs.

"SI Foodware is all about having the proper first ingredient inventory and more effective packaging, obtaining more reliable data regarding production which enables us to progress."
Marc Lebaudy Logistics Director of Biscuiterie de l'Abbaye

Biscuiterie de L'Abbaye remains focused with its process for continuous improvement of its information system by implementing the ERP SI Foodware and renewing its confidence with Isatech, its IT service provider for over 27 years.

Project: issues and objectives

In 2010, the Biscuit Company chooses SI Foodware to continue its innovation and ensure its responsiveness facing growing constraints in the GMS, the international market and in anticipating the real issues of tomorrow.

The objectives of the biscuit company were to:

• improve their production monitoring,
• optimize the reliability of their fixed costs,
• have full traceability upstream and downstream,
• ensure better management of logistics for preparing orders with the implementation of radio terminals... 

Thanks to SI Foodware, Biscuiterie de l'Abbaye...

Controls its costs
Revenue management, through nomenclature and ranges, allows determining the precise fixed costs "It is essential that the business offers a price to the customer..."

Provides updated information in real time
Updating data in real time is an advantage of ERP SI Foodware."Before, everything was done on excel but there was no automatic updating of prices based on purchase costs. With SI Foodware, everything is automatic, we have the precise cost not only based on purchases but also based on production."

Place orders quickly and easily
Features such as input control help allows to significantly reduce time. "The orders that arrive via EDI are integrated directly into ERP. The entry is facilitated by the fact that for every client, there is an item range. We do not have to retype all items but only the quantities."

Improves its cash position
"We can rely on production forecasts which give us a more accurate view on the needs of inventory materials through this feature in order to reduce our inventory and significantly improve our cash position."

Manages the traceability of shipments
The finished products are placed into inventory with a lot number to ensure traceability. This mode allows management to honor the contract date and the line of progress imposed by major distributions. "The finished products are placed into inventory with a lot No to ensure traceability."