Increase of control and insight for Kippie thanks to SI Foodware

Kippie, is the leading franchising organization that sells grilled snacks and ready-to-eat meals.The head office and distribution department in Poeldijk, the Netherlands, supports a franchise chain of more than 30 successful stores. This ambitious company sees good automation as a main condition for further growth and professionalization. By implementing SI Foodware, Kippie BV has made ​​a substantial step in its professionalization process. SI Foodware is a food specific ERP solution based on Microsoft Dynamics NAV. Willem Krijgsman Jr., responsible for IT within Kippie, sees great advantages in the modular design of this solution: “"It gives us the opportunity to start with a strong foundation and, in the future , when we are ready ,  we can continue to expand the solution.


The search for a new software package was initiated because of continuity problems of various old packages that Kippie BV used. Willem: "Guarantee of further development is very important to us. Microsoft releases new versions of Dynamics NAV yearly and upgrading is simple and affordable, because it is a standard package."


Functional requirements played a major role in the search for a suitable standard solution, according to Willem: " We were in a situation with fragmented business systems. We missed a lot of functionality and integration. The purchase process combined with inventory was still not automated, so the purchase planning was really poor. Additionally, we had little information available on the shop floor and no understanding of packaging flows or margins per store. "

After six months working with SI Foodware, Kippie BV can conclude that all these issues are tackled. Willem: " We can order sooner at suppliers and deliver to our customers, thanks to a tight purchase planning. We also know exactly how many euros of outstanding packaging we have and where they are located. Also the inventory is simply in order. By using simple management, inventory and store reports, everyone in our chain has insight in to all kinds of sales and margins."


The company-wide rollout of SI Foodware enables Kippie BV to work with an integrated package. However, they would like to activate specific modules in the near future. Willem: "We are currently looking at the possibility to use ingredient declarations in SI Foodware. Another target point is to start working completely electronic with RF scanning in the warehouse. Fortunately we do not have to execute these projects simultaneously. We can look at it one step at the time, which keeps the pressure on our people low .