IcarbenIndustrias Cárnicas de Benaoján, S.L. (ICARBEN) has a really varied range of product lines, from fresh meat tossed meat products, charcuterie specials and pre-packed portions. Apart from a large distribution network in the whole of Andalusia (Spain), it runs a retail shop open to the general public in Benaoján. The company is located in Benaoján (Málaga), in Zona de la Vega, at the entrance to the village, easily accessible from the main roads of Ronda and Sevilla.


ICARBEN started to use Microsoft Dynamics NAV a few years ago. It was installed by a Partner with an incomplete Solution and the services provided were not to the satisfaction of ICARBEN. An old version of Navision was installed, which needed an update. The Board reached the conclusion that to be ready to face the future, it needed a complete, standard Solution which could easily be updated to the latest versions.


Based on the research and presentations by the analysts of Infored Soluciones Tecnológicas, a consultancy firm specialized in the implementation of business management solutions established in 1983, partner of the Microsoft Dynamics platform since 2002 and specialized in the food industry, Industrias Cárnicas de Benaoján, S.L. decided to implement the SI FOODWARE Solution, certified by Microsoft Dynamics NAV, which was perfectly suited to its needs without requiring major development work.

"During the research phase and in the different presentations given by Infored, we saw that the solution was well suited to our needs. Key factor was that apart from being a solution to our needs, it was a completely standard solution", says Pedro Ductor, Head of Administration of Industrias Cárnicas de Benaoján, S.L. . The solution proposed by Infored ST allowed them the use of their system to check all processes of Industrias Cárnicas de Benaoján, S.L. Infored ST has used its Rapid Implementation Model (RIM) in the project given that the Solution is a standard solution in the industry, while incorporating our suggestions for improvement in its functionality.


One of the most important benefits of the implementation of Microsoft Dynamics NAV & SI Foodware is the integration of all different activities of the company into one application. Another benefit is the integration with the Microsoft Office applications, such as Excel, Word or Outlook.

  • Improvement of the sales and customer service process

"Thanks to the integration of the Android Preventa Solution, which our sales representatives use on their touch-screen Tablets, we have managed to computerize the order intake and have all the information that we need to provide services to our customers in this process, consequently improving their satisfaction level and our productivity", explains Pedro.

  • Up-to-date and reliable information

Industrias Cárnicas de Benaoján, S.L. now has information on all its business processes that is always up-to-date. "We have a Microsoft Excel-based "control board", which provides us with the information that we need to make decisions, knowing that the information is always up-to-date and correct", says Pedro Ductor.

  • A solution for the future that allows us to grow

Microsoft Dynamics NAV guarantees that the Solution will evolve in the future, both at a technological and a functional level. Furthermore, thanks to the Development Methodology (called IDS) of Infored ST and to the fact that Microsoft Dynamics NAV as well as SI FOODWARE are standard solutions, Industrias Cárnicas de Benaoján, S.L. will have guaranteed access to the latest versions available on the market.