Dole Food Espana

Dole FoodWith a turnover of more than 100 million euros  and selling more than 125 thousand tons of fruit, Dole Food España is one of the leading companies in the fresh fruit sector in both Spain and Portugal. Dole Food España was incorporated in 1994 as a part of the European ripening and distribution network for fresh fruit of the American multinational Dole. In November 2011, it embarked on a new course, following the acquisition of its business in Spain and Portugal by Compagnie Fruitière.

At present, the company has a strategic infrastructure of five warehouses and a workforce of approximately 100 highly specialized professionals (salesmen, ripeners, handlers, etc.), thanks to which it is able to offer the best possible products to wherever in the Iberian Peninsula, with guaranteed traceability and excellent quality service; they are ISO:22000 certified, with QS certification for our warehouse in Barcelona.

Since it forms part of the Compagnie Fruitière Group, the company has extended its product range: bananas, oranges, pineapples, grapes, apples, pears, etc., as well as exotic fruits: mangos, papayas, plantains, yucca, etc.


Dole Food España used a complicated system that was expensive in maintenance and updates. This was why the Board decided to implement an ERP system suitable to meet the requirements of the company and the industry.

"We needed a system capable of integrating all our business processes and saving costs; furthermore, it had to enable us to handle the growth of our activities in the future".


Based on the research and presentations by the analysts of Infored Soluciones Tecnológicas, a consultancy firm specialized in the implementation of business management solutions established in 1983, partner of the Microsoft Dynamics platform since 2002 and specialized in the food industry, Dole Food decided to implement the SI FOODWARE Solution, certified for Microsoft Dynamics NAV, which was perfectly suited to its needs without requiring major customization.

"During the research phase and in the different presentations given by Infored, we saw that the solution was well suited to our needs. Key factor was that apart from being a solution to our needs, it was a completely standard solution on a pay-per-use basis with storage in a Data Center, so that we did not have to invest in licenses and infrastructure", says Beatriz.

The solution proposed by Infored ST allowed them the use of their system to check all business processes of Dole Food España, S.A.U. Infored ST has used its Personalized Implementation Model (PIM) in the project given that it is a standard solution in the industry, incorporating in its functionalities the suggestions for necessary improvements. Taking into account the turnover, distributed over the five distribution centers of Dole Food in Spain and Portugal, handled by almost 70 users, the implementation time of eight months was considered a huge success.


Another benefit is the integration with the Microsoft Office applications, such as Excel, Word and Outlook. This solution has many benefits for Dole Food, such as simple and effective product management, improved monitoring and control of pallets, their location and traceability, warehouse management with a real-time  radio frequency system , a higher level of computerization in the control of packages and improvements in the sales process.

Up-to-date and reliable information

Dole Food España, S.A.U. has information on all its business processes that is always up-to-date.

"We now have a reporting system that allows us to be independent and to have the necessary information at our disposal that is up to date and reliable, so that we can make decisions based on correct information", says Beatriz.

A solution for the future that allows us to grow
Microsoft Dynamics NAV guarantees that the solution will evolve in the future, at a level both technological and functional.

Furthermore, thanks to the Development Methodology (called IDS) of Infored ST and the fact that Microsoft Dynamics NAV as well as SI FOODWARE are standard solutions, Dole Food España, S.A.U. will have guaranteed access to the latest versions available on the market.