Champinones y Setas Gimenez, S.L.

GimenezChampiñones y Setas Giménez, S.L. offers a wide range of ready-to-use products, mainly focussing on three groups: mushrooms, asparagus, lettuces and salad ingredients. It has a large warehouse in Requena, with a surface of 2200 m2, where the products are prepared and processed; it also has its own fleet of 5 vehicles to distribute its products to the points of sale in the Valencia area on a daily basis. 

Champiñones y Setas Giménez, S.L. started using Microsoft Dynamics NAV a few years ago. At the time, it worked on the project with a Partner who has already disappeared and who did not have a solution tailored to the fruits and vegetables industry. They could not provide the functionality that the company was looking for to meet all its needs by integrating its business processes. The system worked with Navision version 5.0 and needed an update. The Board reached the conclusion that to be ready to face the future, it needed a complete, standard solution that could easily be updated to the latest versions.


The solution was offered by Infored Solutiones Tecnológicas, a consultancy firm specialized in the implementation of business management solutions, established in 1983 and a partner of the Microsoft Dynamics NAV platform since 2002, specialized in the Food sector.

After preliminary research and personalized presentations, Champiñones y Setas Giménez, S.L. decided to implement the SI FOODWARE and Mercared Solution, certified by Microsoft Dynamics NAV, which was perfectly suited to its need without requiring major development work.

"Infored ST conducted preliminary research and gave presentations with the solution to all our needs. What we appreciated most is that it was a standard, documented solution, using the latest version of Microsoft Dynamics NAV", explains David Novella, Marketing and Communications Manager of Champiñones y Setas Giménez, S.L..

The solution proposed by Infored ST makes it possible to monitor all processes of the operations of Champiñones y Setas Giménez, S.L..

Productivity increase thanks to the integration of all processes

One of the most important benefits of the implementation of Microsoft Dynamics NAV & SI FOODWARE is the integration of all different activities of the company into one application. At present, no different applications are needed to carry out the required tasks. Another benefit is the integration with the Microsoft Office applications, such as Excel, Word or Outlook.

Up-to-date and reliable information

Champiñones y Setas Giménez, S.L. now always has up-to-date information on all its business processes: purchases, sales, processing, transport, etc. Given that other applications are no longer needed to control business operations, the volume of administrative work has decreased. Moreover, Champiñones y Setas Giménez, S.L. can count on the reliability of the information. "We now have the information that we need, which is always up-to-date. This allows us to make decisions based on real and correct information", explains David Novella. Champiñones y Setas Giménez, S.L. has a solution that is ready for the future. Working with Microsoft Dynamics NAV and SI FOODWARE ensures that the application will evolve and adjust to the requirements of the market. "With Microsoft Dynamics NAV and SI FOODWARE, we will be able to let our business grow while simultaneously monitoring all our operations", says David Novella.

Furthermore, thanks to the Development Methodology of Infrared Soluciones Tecnológicas (called IDS) and the fact that both Microsoft Dynamics NAV and SI FOODWARE as standard solutions, Champiñones y Setas Giménez, S.L. will have access to the latest versions available on the market.