Banken Champignons

Banken ChampignonsFor several years the Banken Champignons Groep has beeen accelerating their business with Microsoft Dynamics NAV and SI Foodware. Rob Banken, Financial Director of the Banken Champignons Groep: "We are a group of companies active in the production, marketing and sales of fresh mushrooms in Europe. In the past few years, tracking and tracing became more important in our industry. Dynamics offers a really nice solution for this. We can exactly trace the product from the producer to the consumer."

Rob Banken continues: "Besides, there are also the quality aspects, when we talk about temperature, inner quality, etc. that can be recorded in this system very well. So we can learn from that in the planning for the next year, in our product planning. 

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We have Dynamics for several years now. We have built a foundation. By now, we see that the roll out of new companies, such as we did in the past few years, or the takeover of companies, can easily be adjusted. We are continuously deploying the Dynamics platform with the SI Foodware add-on, locally, in a specific country.  And that combination makes it very easy for us to accelerate within our industry."