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Ayecue continues its growth with support of SI Foodware

Welcome to Ayecue, part of the Riberebro Group, based in La Rioja (Spain). The Riberebro Group is the number one specialist in mushrooms produced and grown in Spain. It has operated in the fresh mushroom market since the 1970s, and is the only Group in Spain covering the entire supply chain. It is the leader in product quality, food safety and logistics. 

Within the Riberebro Group, Ayecue specialises in processing and packing fresh mushrooms. The Group's own produce makes up the majority of its mushroom supply. 

Due to its growth, the company we needed to increase the management capacity provided by the previous solution, which had produced satisfactory results up to now. The most important reason for seeking a new ERP solution was the need to continue their growth and meet the objectives set out by the company in three fundamental areas: food safety, process control and efficiency.

With Microsoft Dynamics NAV, Ayecue has the option of a single application for all its business processes, from purchasing to acceptance testing of products and from manufacturing to customer dispatch. 

The specific requirements of Ayecue and its products, such as quality control, pallet management and managing products with double measurement units can be solved by using SI Foodware. 

SI Foodware enables Ayecue to ensure complete product traceability, comprehensive management of all the processes involved in the value chain, and improved ergonomics in RF devices and menus. It fits in perfectly with their fresh food concept.

Quality Module

With the SI Foodware quality module, Ayecue can control all the necessary processes and parameters. Their new ERP helps to ensure that their products are safer and better controlled, as they input customer specifications, crop requirements, auxiliary equipment suppliers’ requirements and all the process control points - temperatures, times, quantities, quality, etc. - into the system.

The company has grown considerably during and after the project, meaning that changes have been made to the project along the way, requiring a flexible, pro-active approach by Ayecue and the implementing Partner, Infored Soluciones Tecnológicas, to achieve the objectives set out at the start of the process.

Their main objective was to achieve maximum production flexibility in order to satisfy their customers and meet their needs as closely as possible. They can now say that the solution offered by Infored has given them this maximum production flexibility, and has improved the quality of their services. With Microsoft Dynamics NAV and SI Foodware, Ayecue is ready for the future. 

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