Microsoft Dynamics NAV And SI Foodware as platform for further business expansion

Aveno -lipid -solutions -si -FoodwareAveno, located in the Antwerp and Rotterdam sea ports, produces and handles liquid vegetable oils, premium olive oil, long-life frying oils and fats, margarine, tropical or "Fridge Free" margarines, bakers margarine, bread improvers, ... for national and international customers. With a total solution like Microsoft Dynamics NAV and SI Foodware, Aveno optimizes its wide, diverse production capacity and enables Aveno to meet the demands of its customers. As a young and dynamic company, Aveno has chosen for a package in which it can automate its growing business processes together with iFacto, who thinks with them as partner.

Limiting administrative workload

As a young company, Aveno concentrates on making high quality products and strives to limit the administrative activities. With Microsoft Dynamics NAV and SI Foodware, Aveno succeeds in centralising all its company information and realising a true process optimisation. An example of this is the automatic processing of invoicing services.

Long-life production

Unique to its long-life production is sales based on blanket agreements. At Aveno it is important to accurately monitor the status of the sales contracts on one side, but also to ensure that each sales contract is covered by a purchase contract and that this contract book is up to date. Together with iFacto, Aveno has implemented the solution to safeguard contract positions and margins at any time.

RETURNABLE PAckaging registration

Returnable packaging (pallets, IBC containers, ...) forms a large portion of the operational costs. It is therefore essential to know which container, pallet,... is with which customer. As such, each container is allocated a unique number and the history of each container, pallet,... is automatically available in the ERP system. All logistical movements are registered using RF scanning.

Work floor application

With a paperless work floor as starting point, Aveno joined with the team from iFacto to establish an 'operations control' module. All production assignments are presented via a touch-screen application. When the produced pallet has been fitted with an SSCC label, the pallet is automatically added to the inventory and the relevant raw materials are booked out of stock levels. The pallet, with its registered batch information, THT and unique pallet number are stored in the warehouse.