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An increasing number of small and medium-sized companies (SMEs) is shifting to an Enterprise Resource System, otherwise known as ERP. This kind of software system is increasingly being used in the food industry. ERP implementation is an expensive and radical development. The selection of appropriate software and implementation of that software is a decision taken with all due consideration. SME food companies must not seek only the best, most modern and advanced software, but also determine and be assured that the software is developed with the necessary sector knowledge. In other words, they need to select an implementation partner that is fully up to date with food sector developments.

ERP software implementation is more than simply an IT project

When a company decides to make use of an ERP system, a number of factors have to be taken into account. A system such as this is intended to offer support to all corporate processes. As long this is applied in an appropriate manner, the system ensures more insight into corporate processes, better control and greater efficiency.  The ultimate objective is that a company becomes even better and is able to grow. However, an often-made mistake is that too much focus is paid to the technology and insufficient attention to the way in which software needs to ensure that staff work more efficiently. Moreover, every sector has specific characteristics that demand a specialised approach. Software implementation is more than simply an IT project. This implies that the implementation partner is confronted with a formidable task. It is of the utmost importance that this software supplier possesses the extensive knowledge of the specific corporate processes that govern a particular sector.

Sector know-how of the food industry is crucial

A software supplier and implementation partner that does not understand the implications of sufficient sector know-how can do more harm to a company than good. A supplier with these limitations is simply not equipped to handle the specific requirements and requests that are common throughout the food industry. In addition, a supplier with these limitations has insufficient expertise to act as sparring partner and offer clear and useful advice. An ERP partner specifically focused on the food industry already has relevant experience in enhancing similar corporate processes and is therefore able to offer useful information to food companies, thinking along with them as a sparring partner and - put simply - offering added value.  Moreover, such a partner delivers software specially designed for the sector in question, in this case the food industry.

Sector-specific software

The Enterprise Resource Planning system that you wish to use for your company needs to offer additional functionality targeting the products and processes in the food sector. Consider for example tracking & tracing, quality assurance, rapid and correct complaint handling, an optimised production and transportation system and control over ingredient and product characteristics. These are the sector-specific tools that ensure that food companies can generate optimal profitability and take a big stepforwards. In this respect, the choice for SI Foodware's sector-specific software is warmly recommended.

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SI Foodware is being sold all over the world through a network of partners. Schouw Informatisering trains its partners extensively. All our partners have knowledge if the issues a food SME is dealing with everyday and they know how to solve these issues with SI Foodware. To find a partner in your country; click here for the partner overview