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Tracking & Tracing: the buzzwords in the food industry. A number of food scandals in recent years have caused consumer confidence to plummet. The issue of truly safe food is being discussed more often than ever before. Consumers want to know exactly where their food comes from and demand transparency with regard to its journey from farm to fork. "Where is my meat sourced, and what are the ingredients in my sauce?" Government authorities are not sitting back and have tightened requirements and regulations in recent years. Currently, it is of crucial importance that food companies have access to relevant tracking & tracing software that provides comprehensive transparency as to product origin as well as how to handle in the event of customer complaints.

Challenge for the food industry

Since 2005, the tracking and tracing of each and every foodstuff in the European Union is mandatory. The so-called General Food Law obliges the farmer, intermediary, manufacturer and distributor to establish without doubt where the raw materials or nutritional ingredients originate, and to whom they were delivered. This means that companies that are part of the food chain need to have collected specific information over a sustained period. A new challenge is arising for food companies now that consumers also increasingly demand clarity. Diminishing consumer confidence can be restored by giving consumers the bigger picture as to how, when and with which ingredients specific foodstuffs are produced. Food companies can inform both government authorities and the general public about their products with the help of a robust ERP system.

Being effective in the event of a recall

Companies that entrust their operation to manual, paper-based data collection would appear to be missing the boat. These processes consume both time and space. This can lead to issues in the product-tracing process. To the contrary, automated systems offer real-time information - and that generates a number of benefits. This modern technology means that it has become relatively easier to comply with legal regulations. In addition, this technology enables companies to react adequately, quickly and efficiently in the event of a product recall. Should a recall be executed, it is indeed possible to automatically block the outstanding lots of the product in question.

Tracking & tracing with SI Foodware

SI Foodware has been developed for the food industry as an add-on for Microsoft Dynamics 365 (NAV). It has become easy for companies to operate throughout the chain thanks to the track & tracing software, a standard component of this Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system. This means that companies and suppliers can quickly and clearly be informed of the status - and that problems can be addressed and resolved immediately.  Notifications are immediately relayed to the appropriate person, enabling immediate response. 

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