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Paperless working in the office and on the work floor at Laban Foods

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Welcome to LaBan Foods in Bodegraven. This dairy company is the largest specialized producer of herb butter in the Netherlands. In addition to their own brand, LaBan produces private label herb butter for large supermarket chains. Every day the company faces challenges to be successful in the dairy industry. Laban produces short shelf life foods, which means they have to take short delivery times into account. Therefore they must be able to switch quickly in the production process. This is even better optimized with the latest version of Microsoft Dynamics and SI Foodware.

As an automation theme, paper-free operations are high on the priority list of many food companies.Typically, the objectives in this respect are enhancing delivery reliability, obtaining sound and solid inventory levels, preventing errors and managing staff more directly. Paper-free operations are also an important theme at LaBan Foods, a garlic butter specialist in Bodegraven. They have been able to successfully address this issue by expanding the options of their ERP application, SI Foodware.

Scanning and tablets in the production

"We recently started to introduce scanning and tablets into the production process. Internally, we wish in time to work completely organically.  The major advantage of this is data transparency at every workspace, real-time insight into all data. And no separate sheets of A4 that we manage to lose later or that need entering into the system."

Great monitoring

Operators on the various LaBan production lines use tablets to handle production orders, keep track of productivity, monitor progress and report disruptions automatically. "Another major advantage is that if data is entered in the office about a revised planning process, another recipe or whatever, it is immediately visible on the factory floor. A further benefit is that a disruption on the production line is immediately visible in the office. So we can monitor really conscientiously what happens in the office and what happens on the factory floor."

Work faster and more efficiently with RF scanning

Introducing RF scanning in the warehouse enables LaBan to work faster and more efficiently. Incoming and outgoing commodity flows can be more easily registered and managed. As a result, pick assignments can be carried out faster and inventory levels no longer need to be counted manually. Warehouse users work real-time in the SI Foodware database. A major advantage of this is that there is real-time insight into the sell-by date of the raw materials and the final products, meaning work can be done according to the FEFO principle. "We started doing this recently and we can already see major benefits accruing in terms of fewer administrative steps and the resulting timesaving."