Technology is changing the future of food

Future Of Food

Over the last few decades, food companies have been developing several strategies to optimize all stages in the food supply chain. From production optimization till efficient distribution and shopping centralization, these food strategies are reaching their limits; we can’t centralize even further and distribution can’t be done more efficient. But technological innovations are enabling food companies to step beyond those limits.

One perfect example of technology changing the food industry comes from our customer Domino’s Pizza. Today they made headlines with the news that they will use robots to deliver pizza. Known as DRU (Domino's Robotic Unit), the four-wheel robot was developed in Australia and is capable of completing deliveries within a 20-mile radius on a single charge.

For now it is just a trial, starting in Wellington New Zealand. But Domino’s is a company that has been embracing technology for many years already. They also created a Siri-like virtual assistant that customers can use to order pizza, and last year it began accepting text message orders with pizza emoji. But there are more food companies that are embracing technology.

One of those companies is Matternet. A company that builds drones to deliver packages, leapfrogging traditional infrastructure to create a world connected by tiny, nonviolent drones.

New technologies in the area of food shopping come from the Chinese online grocery retailer. They have  created one thousand virtual supermarkets in vacant lots where shoppers can browse the aisles and purchase foods for delivery with an augmented reality app.

And there are also several new technologies that can change our food experience at home:

  • A refrigerator that recommends meals based on the foods inside, and can even coordinate with other appliances, like the oven (LG).
  • Or a device in a kitchen environment to help people learn to cook with individualized, real-time feedback based on movement (Berkely and Microsoft).
  • The HAPIfork electronic fork monitors your eating habits and alerts you with lights and gentle vibrations when you are eating too fast.

If you are interested in new technologies for the food industry, take a minute to visit the website Seeds of Disruption: How technology is rechanging the future of food.