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Food specific challenges tackled with SI Foodware

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Each year, Prochamp processes about 30 million kilograms of mushrooms, most of which are grown at the four sister companies; mushroom farms in the neighbourhood. Prochamp's production is mainly sales order driven. Most of these semi-finished products go directly to the packaging line. If there are no orders for the products concerned, then the inventory is replenished. The canned products, which have a shelf-life of no less than four years, are by no means all consumed locally. On the contrary: Europe is Prochamp's home market, but a great deal is sent to clients all over the world. To retail clients, and those in catering and the industry.


The production process at Prochamp is not really complex. But the strict standards in the food industry, for example for tracking & tracing require a powerful information system. A system that gives you a grip on the inventory and control over the numbers. "For many years we worked with Exact Software, supplemented with a range of Excel spreadsheets, but support was withdrawn for the software version we had. So that was a good reason to look for an ERP system. Data was entered more than once, sometimes even in the same department by different people. We only had limited insight into the structure and status of the inventory. And at the end of the week if we asked ourselves ‘how many mushrooms have we processed?', we got different answers. We did meet the traceability requirements imposed by BRC and ISS, but don't ask how many files and Excel sheets we had to search through to find the origin of a product batch."

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