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What does the introduction of Dynamics NAV 2016 mean for the food branch?

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Just like the previous edition the theme of Directions EMEA, an event in October specifically intended for Microsoft Dynamics NAV partners, is the launch of the latest edition of Microsoft Dynamics NAV: NAV 2016. This release is a milestone for Microsoft's company management solution for small and medium-sized companies. NAV 2016 offers important new opportunities in the field of Business Insight and Cloud, as well as the integration with Microsoft Azure, Dynamics CRM and Office 365. Great developments, but what really catches the eye of Schouw Informatisering's target audience (food companies) is the continued development of Mobility.


The Mobility theme is of paramount importance at Microsoft and concerns the accessibility of Microsoft applications on mobile devices. In the case of NAV 2016 it is about access via a fully-fledged app on tablet or smartphone, available for Android, iOS and Windows. The great advantage of this is that the technology behind the Windows edition, tablet edition and smartphone edition of the NAV are the same. Access to NAV via tablet and smartphone offers great advantages to food companies, for example in quality records, supply overview, checking outgoing goods and the sales process.

Quality records

Food companies have to deal with strict legislative regulations concerning food safety. The quantity of checks by means of quality records is very high in this branch. The already available quality records in SI Foodware, the standard food-specific add-on that Schouw is developing for Microsoft Dynamics NAV, can now also be performed on the factory floor with a tablet. For example, when you have to check the cold store every day, or the production line every hour. This way, paper documents and lists are replaced. This leads to time savings and fewer mistakes, as quality records will no longer have to be copied into a digital file.

It is also possible to use the tablet to write down easy or extensive quality records when receiving or sending goods. For example, a user can immediately take pictures of goods and save these to the NAV application. 

Supply overview

In addition to the registration of quality aspects it is also important that the employee involved always has access to the necessary information on the supply and the corresponding quality aspects, such as turnover dates. By using a tablet to get real-time data straight from NAV in the warehouse, it is possible to more quickly take decisions that prevent supply wastage and customer complaints.

With NAV 2016 the possibilities for using the ERP solution on the factory floor are strongly improved. For example, the apps can also be used by order pickers in the warehouse, which drastically decreases the possibility of mistakes and further improves supply reliability.

In addition, the NAV 2016 application offers the opportunity to manage logistical employees with a tablet. You can provide clear assignments, which can result in less customer complaints and erroneous deliveries and better supply reliability.

The future of the food branch with Mobility

The above examples show what is already possible with the release of the NAV 2016 application for smartphones and tablets. However, the possible applications are much bigger. For example, think of simple processes such as process registrations or an approval process, in which the seller enters an order and a manager can approve it through his own mobile NAV application.

However, the release of Microsoft's holograpic lens offers even more possibilities concerning Mobility in the near future. The lens can be used to project an additional layer over reality, as it were. This way and ERP solution can give visual suggestions to a user to pick a specific product in the warehouse, or during a quality check project norm colours that the tested product has to meet. Intuitive and effective.

More information?

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