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Traceability is the ability to follow the journey of a food item from its source to the point that it reaches the consumer at any time. Traceability systems make it possible to monitor and locate the product throughout the commercial chain; it is a requirement for companies in the food industry and without it, it would be difficult to maintain our markets.

The introduction of traceability systems requires the incorporation of new information technologies, enabling the reliable recording of data concerning the production process and its transfer to the next links in the chain. Accordingly, the ability to identify a food item or its components, from their source up to the point of sale to the consumer, is considered a key aspect of product safety, resulting in greater consumer trust and expectations in relation to the product.

Public authorities must ensure that food manufacturers and importers, are able to identify the suppliers of their food items. This way they can guarantee traceability at all stages in the event that an investigation is required. Monitoring the cycle of a food item is useful for apportioning responsibility in the event of defects. It can provide sufficient information to be certain of all of the elements that were involved in its production process, in addition to knowing the journey it has made up to its point of sale. In the case of problems concerning food safety, traceability systems make it possible to locate not only the production batches easily and accurately, but also to locate all elements that may have been behind the problem.

SI Foodware, a Microsoft Dynamics NAV add-on specifically for the food industry, is able to fulfil these requirements. SI Foodware resolves the problem of issuing labels from the ERP that provide details on the content and specifications of the products, in addition to the management of pallets and containers using barcode readers. This way, SI Foodware avoids manual entry of product batches, both during the acceptance and location processes and during the processes for picking and shipping to our customers.

In addition, SI Foodware incorporates the tools necessary for monitoring traceability, upstream and downstream, from the ERP directly, thereby avoiding the use of tools that do not form part of the product management throughout the supply chain.

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