Food and agricultural exports in Sweden has grown 9%

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Sweden is a net importer of agricultural products; its trade deficit, which in 2014 reached 50 billion crowns (5.3 billion Euro) has steadily grown over the past ten years, except for 2010. The deficit is due in part to the many products the country consumes which are not produced in Sweden.

In 2014, Sweden's food and agricultural product exports reached a value of 69 billion crowns (7.39 billion Euro), which is an increase of six billion, or 9%, compared with 2013. At the same time, imports increased by 8%, reaching 119 billion crowns (12.74 billion Euro) in 2014.

The most important markets for Sweden are Norway (19%), Denmark (14%), Finland (10%), Germany (8%) and the U.S. (7%). In percentage terms, exports to Spain have registered the biggest growth, increasing by 62% compared to 2013. Exports to Russia have only decreased by 2%, while the value of exports to China has declined by 24%.

Meanwhile, the countries from where Sweden imports most of its food and agricultural products are Denmark (15%), Germany (14%), the Netherlands (14%), Italy (6%) and France (5%).

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