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Let’s meet at Directions EMEA in Mannheim

Directions -emea -2015

Directions EMEAis an envent that brings together over 1200 developers, implementers, technical experts, sales and executive/owner representatives from Dynamics NAV Partners across Europe. In a 3-day conference Microsoft Dynamics partners can network, learn about best practices, and discover the newest releases. Therefore Directions EMEA is the perfect opportunity for Schouw Informatisering to get in contact with other partners from all over Europe.

Schouw Informatisering is a Value Added Reseller (VAR) as well as an Independent Software Vendor (ISV). Through a network of partners, our food specific add-on SI Foodware is being sold all over the world.The worldwide food network has now grown to five different continents and continues to keep on growing. Therefore we are always looking for new partners to start a cooperation.

At the moment 25 international resellers (local VAR's) sell SI Foodware in their national markets and make use of the knowledge and support of Schouw Informatisering. They sell, implement and support SI Foodware. Schouw Informatisering ensures these partners have all the knowledge and skills, such as training and marketing support, that are necessary to provide food companies with the best service.

If you are interested in becoming an SI Foodware Partner send an email to William van Zweeden (wzweeden@schouw.org) and we will plan a meeting at Directions EMEA to tell you everything about what SI Foodware has to offer.

We look forward to seeing you!

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