Aviateur -si -foodware

Aviateur is a large, private label supplier to the European retail sector and manufactures as many as 100 different types of large and small cakes. Their aim is to produce top-quality products and they  prefer to automate their processes as much as possible in order to achieve this. The choice of the ERP solution SI Foodware makes it possible for Aviateur to produce high-quality products at the lowest possible price.

Since 2011, Aviateur has been working on an IT strategy with its automation partner, Schouw Informatisering. The company has been helping them to make their operational processes as effective as possible. “We are happy with the results. And I think that this is because Schouw is very active in the food sector. It knows the retailers, it knows the manufacturers,  and is therefore familiar with the playing field as a whole. That makes them a very good fit for us” says Ron Leeuwenkamp, Commercial Director of Aviateur. The company's head office and several of its manufacturing sites use this solution, all working from the same database. This enables Aviateur to work faster, while the risk of errors is reduced.

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